Friday, 27 July 2012

16 Weeks pregnancy update

Im going to start by saying: WOW! I cannot believe how quickly time goes, 16 weeks already. Ok, so I know I found out quite late on but it feels like yesterday (literally) that we had the scan and found out I was 13 weeks and today im 16 +1.

Im feeling great! I was lucky and had a pretty straight forward and easy pregnancy with Jayden and so far this one has been even better. The sickness has stopped (touch wood) and other than being tired I have nothing bad to say.

I didnt start to show until around 17 weeks with Jayden but this time im already feeling big. Im not complaining though, I love it. But one thing I am missing is feeling bubba move, so far I havent really felt much, a small twinge here and there but nothing much. I felt Jayden for the first time properly at 16 weeks so im hoping to feel something soon.

This was me 17 weeks pregnant with Jayden.

And this is me now, 16 weeks pregnant with bubba number 2

Saturday, 21 July 2012

MY moany man!!

Ok so this blog is going to be abit (well actually alot) of a moan about men. In particular my man!
So Jaydens 9 and a half months old now, so its only 2 and a half months until his first birthday. Ok I get that hes not going to have a clue whats going on and he wont remember any of it but thats not the point. To me its a BIG thing.

I thought it was women that were supposed to moan, but my god my partner can give any woman a run for her money right now. He moans about the money ive spent, yet its all been on things we need; he moans about how early I started palnning things, even though if I left it to him nothing would get done, and he even moans about what ive bought Jayden as presents: isnt that too old/young for him? Will he like that? Whats the point of this when hes already got that? Hes driving me insane.

Ive got 2 parties to plan, 1 for family and then 1 for his little friends, ive had to sort out dates that everyone can make, party bags for the little 1s, games they can play. Then theres food and 2 cakes to plan/make. Ive made him a card to send to cbeebies and ive still got to pick his birthday and party outfits. All important things in my eyes.

So, as you probably already know im pregnant again and this time ive told my partner hes incharge of the new bubbas 1st birthday, im not helping atall. Lets see how he gets on!! Muhahaha!

Friday, 6 July 2012

Baby Phillips Number 2

Yesterday was our first scan for Baby Phillips number 2. I never imagined i'd be as nervous the second time around, but I was MORE nervous! Everything was going through my head: 'what if theres something wrong?' 'What if it's twins? How would I cope?' And even 'what if im actually not pregnant?'.

We've known for afew weeks, but we were unsure of how far gone I was. Had my first appointment with the doctors on wednesday and she booked us straight in for our dating scan the following day. I couldn't believe how quickly it had all happened! And because it was so quick and such short notice I wasnt sure if Kieren would be able to come due to work. He was there for everything with Jayden so I knew he would want to be there. Luckily he made it and we just couldnt stop smiling the whole way through.

Came to the end of the ultra sound and we were told I was 13 weeks, we had no idea I was so far along. We were expecting 10 weeks at the most.

I was so unsure about how I would feel about it all at first. I didn't think I could love another child like I do Jayden, but from the moment I first saw he/she on the screen the same love took over and I know now that I have nothing to worry about there.