Friday, 4 January 2013

The Human Body

The human body absolutely amazes me! No more so than during pregnancy and childbirth. How your body can make a child and nurture them for 9months, whilst they grow and turn into beautiful babies. Each one unique, all different sizes. Us women really are amazing!!

Growing Baby Bump

I was so worried about the dreaded stretchmarks through my first pregnancy but my pre-pregnancy belly wasnt half as bad as I had expected and its true what they say; when you hold your baby in your arms, nothing else matters. So I was shocked and confused when I got even more down during this pregnancy, my stretchmarks are twice as bad second time round and I couldnt seem to get past this. Until now. Im now happy when I look in the mirror, and im not worried about how long it takes me to get back 'in shape' after Baby H's arrival because I know exactly what every mark means and I will be reminded of that every time I look at my 2 beautiful children.

Baby Scan