Thursday, 29 November 2012

A new chapter

So, I have now finished work and have entered the world of stay-at-home mums. Its only been just over a week and I am already feeling the strain. Its much more challenging than I imagined, and its only 6 weeks until our 2nd little bundle of joy is due.

Yesterday was a very challenging day, Jayden is almost 14 months and over the past 2 weeks he has slowly changed for a charming, cute little boy to an absolute terror! A devil child infact. His tantrums are unreal, but Im stubborn and am determined to get over this stage without giving in.

But who could stay made at this face...

Certainly not me!

For anyone who says stay at home mums have it easy, id gladly give you my child for a day and then see if you still hold the same veiws.