Tuesday, 1 May 2012

31 Day blog challenge.. Day 2

20 facts about me

1. Im terrified of moths and butterflies
2. I have 3 tattoos
3. I dont like pasta or baked beans(id almost go as far as to say im scared of baked beans)
4. I have a birthmark on my left arm
5. Im obsessed with eyebrows, the bigger, the better (within reason)
6. My favourite subject at school was art
7. My worst was P.E (this says alot)
8. If i could live anywhere in the world it would be Miami
9. My favourite colour is purple
10. My favourite item of clothing are scarves (not quite sure why?)
11. I eat ALOT!!
12. I hate the dentist
13. I have 2 younger brothers, ones 19 and the others 9
14. Im very laid back (my partner isnt)
15. When i was 2 i had an operation on my thumb
16. I dont like spicy food, just cant handle it
17. Sometimes my eyes look green (they are blue)
18. My nails are weak and break easily
19. Im very independent
20. I had blonde hair until i was 17


  1. We like and dislike the same subject haha. Great list!

  2. Fab list, i too am scared of moths and butterflies! Actually, all insect, bugs and creepy crawlies for that matter!xx

    1. thanks. Most people laugh at me when i tell them that. I dont really like anything that flies, but butterflies and moths seem to follow me and fly in my face! urgh!! xx

  3. I think you are the first person I've met who is scared of baked beans!

  4. I love scarves, as well. I have loads!

  5. Scared of baked beans, eh? That's a first. LOL. I have really thin nails, too. Hate it. keep them really short so I don't have to deal with them.

  6. lol Becca whats wrong with baked beans?
    Im loving all of these :) i hate moths! xxx

  7. I love spicy food and baked beans! You are missing out!! ;)

  8. I just know Jaydens going to love baked beans aswell so i will have to cook them! I dont know why but i cant even look at them. Im sure i cnt be the only person out there who doesnt like them?!? LOL and as for spicy food i like the taste just cant handle the spice.. :) xx

  9. My partner has a phobia of beans (im deadly serious) and my daughter is also scared of them, i think they're yummy! Spicy food yuck- hate it too. Cannot handle it in the slightest! Also with you on your subjects (probably says why a year later im bigger than i was AFTER birth lol)

  10. Oh, moths and butterflies *shudder* I can't stand them! It's the flapping that does it for me. Ick. I'm not overly keen on baked beans- my other half eats them cold which is just disgusting.
    Fab list hun! x

  11. Ok, I hate bugs in my house in general, but I have a special hatred for moths because they eat yarn. As a knitter, I take this personally. :) Great list.

  12. I have 3 tattoos also!! =)