Thursday, 21 June 2012


Cant believe im actually saying this but, im pregnant with baby Phillips NUMBER 2!!! To say it was a shock is an understatement, it definitely wasnt planned, but I couldnt be happier! I havent even told my doctor yet and most of my family have only known a week. We werent going to announce it until after the 12 week scan, but Kieren got abit too excited last weekend after we went Shopping and looked at double buggies, he decided to tweet and then the word spread from there. Bless him!

My boss is the one person im finding it really difficult to tell, at the end of the year im going to leave for good. Ive been back at work 2 weeks now and all she keeps saying is how good it is to have me back. I just cant seem to find the right monent to break the news.

Im so excited and cant wait for the scans! But I dont want to wish any time away. I cant believe Jaydens almost 9 months old, time really does go so fast!