Friday, 27 July 2012

16 Weeks pregnancy update

Im going to start by saying: WOW! I cannot believe how quickly time goes, 16 weeks already. Ok, so I know I found out quite late on but it feels like yesterday (literally) that we had the scan and found out I was 13 weeks and today im 16 +1.

Im feeling great! I was lucky and had a pretty straight forward and easy pregnancy with Jayden and so far this one has been even better. The sickness has stopped (touch wood) and other than being tired I have nothing bad to say.

I didnt start to show until around 17 weeks with Jayden but this time im already feeling big. Im not complaining though, I love it. But one thing I am missing is feeling bubba move, so far I havent really felt much, a small twinge here and there but nothing much. I felt Jayden for the first time properly at 16 weeks so im hoping to feel something soon.

This was me 17 weeks pregnant with Jayden.

And this is me now, 16 weeks pregnant with bubba number 2

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  1. Aw, you've got the cutest tiny bump hun! Hope you have a fantastic pregnancy this time round!