Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Time Flies..

Cannot believe how busy Ive been this past month. Time is literally flying past and im struggling to keep up with it all. Heres a brief catch-up:

Well, Jayden turned 1!!! We had the most amazing week, he was so well behaved and happy, He was a credit to me and Kieren. So much planning went into it to try make his day special and im so pleased with it all was definitely worth all the stress. On the day of his birthday we had people in and out all day, he wasn't very interested in his presents, was all slightly over whelming for him but he LOVED all the wrapping paper.

Here are a few pictures from his Birthday (02/10/12):

Mummy and Daddys card to Jayden

Jayden enjoying some cake for BREAKFAST!!

The cake we made

His card on Cbeebies :)

We then had a little party on the saturday with afew of his little friends and our friends. We had both days at my mums house and as we couldnt be sure of the weather we decided it was safer to have 2 seperate days. This was definitely the best decision as there just wouldnt have been enough room for everyone otherwise. We know a cake maker so we decided to save ourself some time and stress of making his 2nd cake, the party had a jungle theme and when it was all set up it looked amazing (if I do say so myself).

Here are afew pictures of the party (06/10/12):

Could this be more perfect??

All ready for bed after a tiring day

I cant thank everyone that came and made Jaydens 1st birthday so special enough.

A week later it was Kierens birthday, I had been planning Jaydens for so long and been putting all my energy in to that that I completely put Kierens to the side. So it was all very last minute and rushed, but I will just have to make next year amazing! I did however make him breakfast in bed (even if it was only co-co pops LOL).

The rest of my time has been taken up by getting everything ready for Baby H (we finally agreed on a name, but are keeping it secret),looking for a place to move to, working and furniture shopping. Busy busy BUSY!!!

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