Thursday, 31 May 2012

Day 31- Why do you blog?

Well its day 31 and the end of the blog challenge, I for 1 will be so sad to see it go! thanks Emma for putting it all together, its been great to read and share experiences with everyone.

I started blogging just before the challenge started and im still just getting into it, but i love it! Ive always enjoyed writing and I usually just write down my feelings then delete it or rip it up, but now I blog instead. Its a place for me to be me, and not just a mummy. Its a place to unwind. I've been reading blogs for a long time, and never thought anyone would be interested in anything i had to say. But the veiws and lovely comments proved otherwise. I would recommend it to anyone, it doesnt matter what you blog about, someone will be interested, and its such a great feeling letting everything out.

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